Welcome to BIOING

Company BIOING was established as a manufacturing and trading company with original activities in the agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and feed industries.

We are engaged in food diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics and laboratory technology. We supply technological equipment, laboratory instruments and laboratory diagnostic devices for both small and multinational companies in the food, pharmacy, agriculture and other industries. As the interdisciplinary methods are overlapping, we also offer some solutions for clinical laboratories.

We offer solutions for sampling and storage of samples during transport to laboratories, tools for microbiological analyzes in classical microbiology, but also rapid tests not only for microbiology, enzymatic assays, pure enzymes, ATP diagnostics and other methods and means of determination according to current laboratory needs.

If you want to order or contact us, please use the contact form or directly an email starting with info followed with at-sign and our domain or call us!

The english version of our website is currently under development.